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The Best Platform To Build an Ecommerce Website WooCommerce VS Magento 2.0

Popularity knows no bounds when it comes to WordPress & Magento.

Both come with attractive features.

Comparisons between WooCommerce vs. Magento 2 are confusing.

This is because both are big players and the top in their game.

But amidst this confusion, are you losing out on customers?

Fortunately, our informative post will help you take informed decisions.

It is important to realize that there can never be a single ultimate solution.

This is especially important for e-commerce.

However, you can always make the correct decision for your exclusive needs.

As you finish reading the post, you will know the solution that is correct for you.

What is unique about WooCommerce and Magento?

  • WooCommerce enhanced e-commerce is meant for the WordPress platform.
    It includes attributes expected from e-commerce solutions.
    It also retains the parent platform’s user-friendliness.
  • Magento e-commerce platform is for web development experts.
    It is also desirable by large & medium online stores.
    Its striking set of features is what makes it unique.

WooCommerce VS Magento E-commerce platforms comparison chart (features)

Anybody can use this platform with easeOnly users carrying basic knowledge of web development can use Magento 2.0 e-commerce
The platform includes an unique extensions systemProvides and supports a huge array of extensions
For ecommerce WooCommerce, users need to find their own web hostThe community version of Magento is self-hosted.
You will get hosting in the premium offerings
Comes with basic security attributes. The features help in protecting the store. But it’s easy to find free plugins to improve securityThere are advanced security attributes available. There are dedicated patches as well. These help closing possible vulnerabilities
The platform backs-up unlimited productsYou can add limitless products
WooCommerce supports every WP theme. It also comes with lots of customization optionsOptions for customization are limited. It comes with a theme-based system

Why WooCommerce?

If you are choosing WooCommerce Development Company, know the reasons first.

WooCommerce is active in more than 3 million websites.

It has all the functionality one needs for starting an online store.

WooCommerce Features:

  • Comes with several free & premium themes
  • By using extensions and plugins, you can pick the payment processors of your choice
  • The extension system is perfect. It depends on the WP plugin format


  • Incorporates SSL support.
    It is important to get your own certificate
  • There are web hosting expenditures but you can set the store for free
  • Extensive documentation from users and WordPress developers is what makes the platform desirable.
    It is then easier to choose between Magento or WordPress for e-commerce
  • Familiarizing with the platform is easier if you have prior experience with WP


  • In case you do not use WordPress much, there will be a requirement to learn how to use a new platform
  • The premium extensions & themes expenditure is high

Why Magento?

If you are running a company, then Magento is for you. However, a small business can also benefit from Magento 2 Development Company. There is a free Community edition that comes with Magento ecommerce platform. Large businesses can benefit largely from the Enterprise Edition. You can understand the comparison between Magento ecommerce vs. WooCommerce more by looking at these features.

Magento Features:

  • The platform has its own layout & theming system
  • There are a lot of product creation tools available. The admin interfaces are intuitive
  • There are resourceful APIs available. These can interact with all 3rd party solutions


  • Checkout happens speedily for shoppers. This is because the procedures are streamlined. Guest checkout is always on & that is by default
  • Magento 2 e-commerce is developed for scalability. The platform can easily handle large stores. It can handle as long as the host can handle
  • The platform integrates with Auhtorize.Net, Braintree, etc


  • Magento is a platform that is more inclined towards developers. It is not the case for regular users. The platform’s learning curve is abrupt
  • The Enterprise Edition is pricey. But the users and developers expect it because of the target market

Declaring the winner

By comparing WooCommerce vs. Magento 2, we discovered that WooCommerce is best for beginners and users who want to easily manage their online stores without hiring a developer.

Setting up a WooCommerce platform is easier.

This is why small businesses prefer WordPress with WooCommerce.

Irrespective of the nature of the online stores, users can easily set up.

On the contrary, the e-commerce platform Magento is best for scalability.

So the companies that want to convert to e-commerce can largely benefit from it.

The Enterprise Edition is a really good space for best results but costs a lot.

In due course, the comparison was regarding how challenging it will be for new users to use these platforms.

The winner is clearly WooCommerce in this particular aspect.

This is because of the lower entry barrier for ecommerce enthusiasts.

WooCommerce also wins because of its huge library of free and paid extensions.

So did you get in touch with your WooCommerce Development Company yet?

Pick the best one for meeting all your business needs.

Connect with us today.

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