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How We Got Fast Results from SEO for Photographers

Doing SEO for Photographers websites is not an easy task.

Especially when doing it on your own, and the local market is tough to compete with for search terms like Photographer in NY or Wedding Photographer in Miami.

On the other hand, finding an SEO expert to do the work and show real results that justifies the expenses is not an easy task too.

In this case study, we will discuss what we did to improve rankings and get more organic traffic for a Photographer’s website.

Jen Lyon Photography

Jen Lyon is an internationally published lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in family, maternity, birth, fresh 24/48, newborn, lifestyle newborn, milestone, cake smash, senior, engagement, military homecoming, special events, fashion editorial, commercial, graduation, and wedding photography.

Business Reason

Her work is always deeply personal because it’s fueled, created, and delivered from the heart. Capturing authentic, emotional moments, she wants to create work that makes people stop and feel something.

Criteria for Selecting an Expert to Manage SEO for Photographers

When Jen Lyon was searching for an SEO Expert, she was looking for a professional SEO specialist who can generate real results by doing SEO for Photography websites.

Her main criteria when choosing SEO services for photography business were:

  • Previous experience doing SEO for photographers
  • Be sure it will bring profit to her business
  • Tiny budget
  • Fast results
  • Experience with WordPress websites

Why Chose Me to Do Photography SEO

I have managed multiple successful digital marketing campaigns for Wedding photographers and worked multiple times with many other specialists in the event industry, such as artists, DJs, MCs and Wedding Planners.

Also, I checked her website thoroughly to make sure that I can bring results before starting to work with her.

And clearly explained the strategy we are going to take, to get her website more targeted traffic organically, and time-frames to expect results.

Moreover, I am a WordPress Developer, which means she doesn’t have to additionally hire a web developer to implement the changes needed to improve her website SEO.

How We Got Fast Results from SEO for Photography Website

Pre-work Analysis

Before we started working together, Jen told me this:

“My website used to rank on the first page of Google, but lately, it went down to page 3-4.”

So, the first thing I deeply analyzed her website, and did an intensive competitors research, to be able to know what caused her website to rank lower.

I have used Ahrefs SEO Tool to do both tasks.

Setting The Right SEO Strategy for Photography Websites

By knowing why this happened, we were able to set a clear and simple strategy, that focused on making a few small improvements on her on-page SEO and website performance.


Our SEO strategy for photography website started with in-depth keyword research and included doing on-site optimization for:

  • Local SEO for the selected areas
  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Images Alt Tags
  • Compressing Images
  • Improving Website Speed
  • Fixing Other Website Technical Issues


We implemented an SEO strategy that targets multiple KWs like “Photographer in Killeen”, and instead of targeting multiple regions with the same page, we focused on 1 region per page.

Also, we’ve improved website performance and speed, which is one of the top 10 factors Google considers when ranking pages in search results, by working on the technical issues we found that we can reduce page speed.

And within less than four weeks, our page appeared on page 1 in google search results, not just that, but we’ve got placement #1 in both Maps and Search results.

What is surprising in that?

1. Those results showed within four weeks.
2. We expect it to keep placement #1 for a long time without further optimization.
3. We didn’t use a single back-link in this strategy.

Want to Get Similar Result from SEO for Photography Websites to Increase Organic Traffic and Get More Clients?

Our Search engine optimization can help you:

  • Get more clients
  • Attract the right clients
  • Generate high positive ROI
  • Show your expertise professionally
  • Develop new business opportunities

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