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Search Engine Optimization Consultant Services That will help you get more customers without paying for ads


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Wouldn’t it be great to see more new leads, clients, and sales every month from your website without paying for ads?

If people can’t find your business website, when they search for keywords related to your business, on 1st or 2nd page of search results, then no one will find your website.

To appear in search engine’s first or second page results, the competition is tough, but it’s something my search engine marketing services can achieve with ease using the best proven SEO techniques. 

I provide personalized consulting and internet marketing services. 7+ years of experience providing SEO services for small and medium businesses, driving over $15 million in sales from marketing online.Want to be on 1st Page of Google search and grow your business? Contact me today.

As an SEO consultant or search engine expert, I help businesses maximize profit from online marketing, by optimizing their websites to appear on first page of search results.

Through proven white-hat methods and SEO techniques, I can dramatically improve the visibility of companies in any industry.

SEO consulting is a collection of services, tools and training from a search engine optimization specialist. The SEO specialist have exemplary expertise, authority and trust in the field of search engine optimization.

SEO consulting services are not a one-time thing. In fact, the projects can run for a longer duration, often from 3 to 36 months based on the goals. Milestones are achieved through the SEO campaigns which present opportunities to implement other short-term SEO practices.

You may be wondering “what exactly is SEO?” or “why do you need search engine optimization services?” or probably you may be asking “how can local search engine optimization services help your business?”

These questions are very important, and we are here to help you with everything matters SEO. We will help you discover how our SEO services can help your website.

SEO is short for search engine optimization and is basically an action that is undertaken to improve the performance of your website in organic search results on search engines. The primary goal of SEO is to have your website or page to rank first on various search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engines are able to read a website and rank them based on various components of SEO. Businesses that have utilized the best SEO practices rank highly, at least on the first page. High rankings give a website a better position to get a lot of organic traffic which can convert to more sales.

There are small components that make up SEO such as the keywords to target, link building, content marketing, local search engine optimization, site architecture and many others. In order to establish the appropriate actions that need to be taken on your website, we will conduct an extensive research.

Today, many business owners understand the benefits of search engine optimization for business websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you the ability to establish a strong online presence for your business. A strong online presence means that your business is better positioned to be seen by new potential clients. In fact, every business is always aiming to increase the number of its clients. However, there is so much that goes into SEO. Many business owners do not have what it really takes to implement the best and appropriate SEO strategies for their businesses. Also, the field of SEO keeps on changing and not everyone can keep up with the changes. It is for this reason, that many business owners consider having their SEO needs handled by an Expert Search Engine Optimization Consultant.

The professional help of a SEO consultant comes in handy in helping you identify and implement the perfect search engine optimization strategies for your business. Our search engine optimization agency services will guide you from the beginning to the end. We will closely work with you to create a highly functional strategy and identify the most important keywords to target to scale your business to greater levels.

A professional SEO expert is one that can research and evaluate trends online to develop strategies that can improve search results and rankings of a website. The overall target of an SEO expert is to increase the level of exposure of a website by increasing the level of traffic to that site.  A professional SEO expert achieves this by using targeted keywords to enhance the experiences of the website’s users.

The algorithm in search engines are dynamic and always changing. A professional SEO expert has to stay tuned, recognize the trends at a go and design strategies that work within the framework of SEO.

You can imagine a man who spend millions of dollars on building and furnishing a house then afterwards he removed the doors and windows and replaced them with blocks, sealing up the doors and windows. The next question is, how will he be able to access the treasures in the building? This is exactly what happens when you spend thousands of dollars on building your website and business and stocked with contents of your products and services that don’t show up in search results. This is why you need to hire a professional SEO expert to help you build and implement an effective search engine optimization strategy. Although, there are various options in marketing your website, however, SEO solutions are the most efficient and rewarding on the long run. SEO implies optimizing a website to enhance the chances of achieving a higher rankings for a specific keyword or phrase. It is a major tool used for generating massive organic traffic to your website.

One major factor you must put into consideration when you want to hire a professional SEO expert is to note that no expert can rank your website on any search engine within a week or any form of short duration. SEO is a long term strategy that generates cumulative results over time. The techniques adopted by Google catches out those trying to use any Black-hat method to gain higher rankings on its first page quickly. Such offences are unforgivable and highly punishable in the kingdom of Google, you can guess the punishment as well – banning of the website that costed you thousands of dollars to build. That is why our SEO solutions provide long term solution rather than just short term fixes, which can bring your business more harm than good. We work tirelessly to provide the best of SEO solutions for each of our clients; all our SEO strategies are channeled to give higher exposure to your business online, generating leads for you while ranking you for your targeted keywords or phrases related to your business. Our team of professionals will not leave you in the dark during the period of working on your website. We will keep an open channel of communication during the work with you, to let you know what is happening, why, and what are the results.
There is so much you can get when you partner with me. First, I have ensured that I offer affordable search engine optimization services that will help achieve your goals. My prices are easily accessible and you won’t have to worry about hidden prices.
By partnering with me, you are actually subscribing to a lot more than just identifying the best keywords to target and link building. Instead, you are actually getting wholesome SEO practices that begin with a detailed SEO audit to ongoing optimization and monthly reports.
I have 7+ years of experience in the SEO world, thus I understand what it takes to improve your rankings and stay on top of search results. I have established long-lasting relationships with many clients from different industries I have been regarded as one the best SEO Experts. When you choose me, you will be choosing a reputable SEO Expert that values the success of your business.

You are investing your money into a SEO strategy to make more money. Investing in search engine optimization with Amr Zeidan provides a real return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant Services

We offer a variety of search engine optimization services. Our services will help improve your rankings on search engines, optimize your website to perform better and even help you come up with high-quality content. 

Get Ahead Of Competition & Stop losing clients to your competitors, get on 1st page of google search results for your targeted keywords.


Boost Your Organic Traffic & Get more targeted visitors to your website by giving them value Content. Convert your website into a lead generation machine.


Get Full End To End affordable small business SEO Services. I will take care of all your SEO problems. Prioritization, Research, Analysis, Decision Making and Creating Content. let me help you grow your business and save you time.


Customized SEO Packages, Whether you want to rank locally, or you want national and international SEO exposure.

Each new set of eyeballs on your website lead to more people becoming aware of your business.

The more people aware of your business the better off the business will be in the long run.

A WordPress SEO service will turn your website from issue to asset and we will gladly perform that service on your behalf.

So make the investment today in a service that will ultimately benefit your business and make all that website work seem worth it. Don’t let another day pass as your website collects dust. Your business deserves every aspect of success you can give it.

Starter package

For businesses that are just starting and new websites
$ 1375 Monthly
  • 5 Keywords
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building (50 Links/month)
  • 1 Blog Post (Content Writing)
  • Reporting

Pro Package

More advanced optimization for local businesses
$ 1697 Monthly
  • 10 Keywords
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building (100 Links/month)
  • 4 Blog Posts (Content Writing)
  • Local SEO
  • Map Optimization
  • Directory Submissions
  • Custom Reporting
Best Value



When a keyword or phrase about your services or product is typed into the search engine, your business should appear on the first page of the results page. Not appearing on top of searched result means you are losing leads and potential customers who may not be patient enough to move from one page to another searching for your product or service, this is why you need to be on the first page of search results. A professional SEO expert can identify keywords and phrases which people often use to search for businesses. We are well equipped to easily spot and detect important keywords daily used for querying on search engines.
Keyword research is an essential action to carry before you even think of taking any action designed to improve your website’s rankings. We always take time to understand your business first so that we can research and identify the right keywords to target. The keyword research can be done with you as our team of specialists learn about the words that are related to your products or services. The research is also conducted online to discover how various keywords related to your business are already ranking and how heavy is the competition there. After we are done with the keyword research and identification, we will be at a better position to think about a good strategy that will help improve you’re the ranking on the selected keywords. Before we take any action on your website, we first consider your ranking goals and identify the type of competition of the selected keywords. We understand the seriousness of strategy when it comes to SEO and we will make sure to develop the ideal strategy for your business.


Link building can be divided into external an internal link building. Search engines through links to your page are able to read your website and establish the trustworthiness of your website and whether it should be ranked higher. Link building is an extremely important component of SEO. If you have high-quality keywords and high-quality links, your website will rank well naturally. Building links involves a lot of expertise and great techniques. It is more than just placing your website link on social media profiles or submitting guest posts to other blogs. We will help you develop a quality link building strategy that will help your business establish a strong presence online. We focus on building natural and valuable links that promise to deliver on what they are designed for. We tailor our link building programs to your business that will help you develop as many links as you wish with the right keyword target. Highly ranked websites, including those of your competitors who are currently on the first page of Google, are those that are linked with relevant, authoritative sites around the globe. Our professional SEO experts can help you to build and develop an active link profile for your website through latest white-hat methods. Our SEO techniques are legitimate and can never be penalized by Google.


In the SEO world, different things keep changing, and online changes happen at a rapid pace. Therefore, to rank on the first page requires you to be up to date with all important changes that are happening to search algorithms. This should not be a problem for you since we are dedicated to forming long-lasting relationships with you. We offer ongoing optimizations and make all the updates so that your website is fresh stays current with any changes. This will ensure that you are always ranking high regardless of any changes. Our team is always looking for the latest search engine algorithms updates and techniques and will use the ones that will positively impact your business. Moreover, we aim to provide you with a monthly report of your website’s performance, all the milestones achieved, the various observations made, and a plan for the following months.


Before we start working on your website and implementing our SEO solutions, the first thing we often do is to SEO audit your website to know what is working and what is not. After identifying the weak spots and shackles that are preventing your website from ranking, we’ll then design a suitable SEO solution specifically for your website.We will take a deeper look into your website to discover search engine optimization opportunities and areas that require to be addressed and improved. Our audit can cover everything from on-page optimizations, off-page optimization, site structure, HTML mark-up and many other factors.

PLAN FOR SEO SUCCESS and competitors analysis

Once we are done with audit, we work together to define a road-map for improvements starting with short-term plans moving on to long-term plans. All the plans must consider your goals so that every action will be taken in line with them.
Have you ever thought of why your competitors are out-competing you? Aside from the keyword and phrases, have you considered your competitor's website to see what they are doing right that is giving them an edge over you? When you hire our professional SEO experts, we’ll evaluate your competitor’s website to determine their strengths and weakness. After that, we’ll develop professional SEO solutions to withstand the competition and dominate your niche.


For businesses to thrive locally, especially those that provide services or sell products locally, they must appear in local search results. Ranking a website to appear on the first page in local searches require effective local SEO strategies and implementation. All the white-hat methods and techniques needed to boost your website’s local SEO ranking is what we offer you here. With these proven methods, you will start seeing more local traffics and leads.


A website redesign is an important aspect of complete SEO improvement. A website redesign offers a great opportunity to use the best SEO practices. We will look at your website and asses everything about it including content, site structure, conversion aspect and visual design in order to suggest the appropriate recommendations.


Full SEO management for websites running on WordPress CMS using best practices. A WordPress SEO service and a WordPress SEO consultant will help to garner hundreds if not thousands of new eyeballs on your company website or blog. The best way to visualize the work that we can do on behalf of your company is to think about your own search engine usage. When you type in a question or a request into Google, how often do you get past the first page? How often do you get past the first half of results? How often do you even click on the second available link? This is why your website being listed on the second or third page of results is so very damaging. Just about every single user handles search engine results this way. How do you want your business to be found? If you are solely an online business versus having a brick and mortar location, the way people search for you on search engines will differ. I know what the searches will be and I know how to make them work for you, your business, and your website.


You need to have a presence ready to appeal to your potential customers. You have taken the time to launch a website and to reach your new clients. Do not let your hard work or financial investment into a great website go to waste. Do not try to make your SEO score better organically on your own. I know the type of work that needs to be done and done quickly in an effort to be shown at the top of the Google Results board.


The higher you end up, the more your website will work for you and your business. No longer will your website just be an expense, but rather the work I put in as a WordPress SEO consultant, will start making the website an asset and quickly put this investment on the road to breaking even and even doing its original job of bringing in money rather than collecting dust on page three or worse of the search results.

Take the Right Step

Search engine optimization services have become very important for all businesses that want to achieve great success online. The value of high organic ranking on search engines cannot be compared to anything in the current digital world.
We have educated you on what SEO is and what a search engine optimization specialist can do for you. Now it’s time to take the right step to move your website to the next level. Contact us today for search engine consultation.