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One on One WordPress Training for non-techies

Customized training for non-coder individuals who want to leverage the true power of WordPress websites.

The TRUTH about how To Manage Your Own WordPress Website and avoid Paying For Developers To Edit Or Manage Your Website

Your website is now published online. How do you keep it current, add or edit pages and posts or even products?

I always recommend WordPress for my clients so they can easily manage their website after it’s built and avoid spending money on web developers to manage their sites for them.

But sometimes it’s not easy for them, especially without any experience working with WordPress. And sometimes your website developer might be unresponsive, and I know how frustrated you can be because of that.

The fact that WordPress is open-source, means that you can easily find many paid and free WordPress courses and training. WordPress is now the most popular CMS out there and there are about 180 million websites running on WordPress.

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If you are planning to manage your WordPress website on your own then it’s best if you know how to do it the right way without breaking your website.

But if you don’t have much time to attend long courses or self-learn, then one-on-one WordPress training is the best choice that will help you understand how to easily manage your website in a short time.

Moreover, you will be able to build WordPress websites and make money building websites.

Manage Your Own WordPress Website In As Little As 10 Days... even if You Don't Have Any Coding Knowledge! Guaranteed!

I offer personalized one-on-one WordPress training online for individual users. A customized, one-on-one training experience that will take only 10 days to master all the important aspects of your website.

During this training, I will personally work with you and teach you how to do that. You will receive WordPress management training on your website and how to manage it, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, my WordPress training will help you manage your WordPress website with confidence.

The training schedule will be customized according to your needs and time availability. You can set the schedule to 1 session per week so you can finish the training in 10 weeks, or you can finish the training in 5 days if you take 2 sessions per day. It all depends on you and your availability.

Finally! Top WordPress Training Expert Reveals The Secrets You Need To Manage Your Own WordPress Website in the next 10 days... even if You Don't Have Any Coding Knowledge!

I have trained more than 150 employees on how to build and manage WordPress websites, and I understand that people learn in different ways.

Training will include 10 online sessions; each session is about 1 hour.

My one on one WordPress training will cover all topics starting from configuring your hosting and domain name and installing WordPress all the way through to building your website and customizing it. Or we can only focus on what you want to learn and what you want to achieve.


During the WordPress training sessions we will cover how to:

After the training is done, I will be available by phone or email if you have any questions or if you need quick help. Also, included in the training, you will get access to a personal test site on my server so you can easily train yourself and try new things on it without being afraid to break anything.

The Purpose of the WordPress Test Site

As a bonus, I will include a FREE WordPress site hosted on my servers during and after the training for you to use and practice whenever you want.

You can test, and do whatever you want to practice and break things on the test site without worrying about anything.

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Manage Your Own WordPress Website (even if You Don't Have Any Coding Knowledge) Fast!

These in-person WordPress training sessions are perfect for website owners, IT staff, marketers, or individuals who want to know how to easily build and manage WordPress websites.

Join Now for Only $197

  • Don’t expect long PowerPoint presentations or PDF books and guides.
  • During our online WordPress training you will get hands-on experience on how to build and manage WordPress websites, whether it’s a company website, Blog, Portfolio or E-commerce.
  • 10 intensive training sessions each lasts about 1 hour.
  • Additional 90 days support after the training.

First thing we will do after you contact me, we will discuss your goals in order to understand what you really want to learn and set the right training program for you and the comfortable schedule that suits your time.

Yes, after the training ends, you will already have the knowledge and hands-on experience to start building websites and online stores for other people, also you can charge for managing their WordPress websites.

I offer a 30 days, no worry refund policy.

If you feel you don’t get what you need, just contact me before the 30 days, and I will issue you a refund of the fees you paid.