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3 Proven Ways To Get More Backlinks for Free and Get Higher Rankings

Link Popularity you may already know is considered a huge component in your business website rating that the various search engines take into consideration to whether rank your website or not, in this article i will show you how to get more backlinks for free.

So, the usual breakdown is, the much more links referring to your web page, the better search engines will rank your site.

More importantly though that those websites linking back to your website should have High PR.

The question in front of you is, “How do I obtain those High PR links without needing to purchase High PR links and/or spend a lot of time scraping the internet for link companions and opportunities that are likely going to be declined?”

And as SEO experts, we don’t want to lose time on basic tasks like that, particularly if you are getting started or working part time.

We must use every minute we can, to make sure we are receiving the most results out of our work.

That said, I will give you the ‘Back Door’ strategy I take advantage of for getting those great PR links to your site absolutely for FREE and also have them asking you to get more.

And the amazing fact is that this may be accomplished by following these 3 techniques I’m going to mention, so give consideration because if you do just this, you will not only acquire thousands of backlinks coming to your website, but of course you’ll also get a large number of targeted site visitors to your website as well.

…all for FREE!

Are you ready?

Step 1. Write More Articles

write more articles

The first step is to create related articles relating to your Services or products that attract your target audience attention to navigate on your website after they finish reading it to discover more about you as well as your services and products.

Now, you are most likely thinking about why you need to write an article.

Well, it’s very simple in fact because of what you can insert by the end of your article.

Your ‘Resource Field’ with your site details & most importantly, your URL pointing back to your business website.

As a result, when someone chooses to share your content in their blog or on their website, they have to add your ‘Resource Field’ with your site info and URL.

I understand that a few of you say “I can’t understand how to write SEO optimized articles“.

Well, you are not the only one.

Keep in mind, your content may be the most important part of the ‘Back Linking’ strategy, so be sure you put some work into it to obtain as much exposure as possible.

Step 2. Send Your Articles to Article Directories.

This is the next thing to do and an essential one, because that’s where your articles or blog posts are likely to get found by site owners and publishers who are in continuous need of fresh, quality info to supply their audiences with valuable information.

There is literally a huge selection of Article publication sites out there and a large number of web publishers looking for high-quality content every day.

And if they select your content for publication, they have to include your ‘Resource Field’ together with your website info and URL.

It’s about the numbers. The more Article submission sites and websites you post your articles to, the even more potential Backlinks you’ll receive to your business website.

And since Web directories have implemented RSS (Real Simple Syndication), your content will get Even more exposure without you doing much work.

Step 3. Create Your Website RSS Feed.

rss feed icon

This last step is an extremely Impressive step too.

What you must do is to establish your own RSS Feed for your blog articles.

Now, allow me to explain what RSS is.

RSS is by definition – an acronym for ‘Real Simple Syndication’, and the .XML extension is a format used for sharing your content headlines.

The easiest way so that you can do this is to create your own Blog using

WordPress is a bit more complex therefore I recommend unless you have a lot of experience with Sites or setting up scripts that you ask a WordPress expert to do it for, it won’t take much time or money to do so.

I’m just providing you some choices, that’s all.

Once you’ve setup your Blog the one thing left that you can do is to write more articles.

TIP: Be sure you add your URL and make use of Anchor Text together with your most targeted keywords.

Using this method Google search bots will rank your site higher with those keywords you specify in your Anchor Text.

After you’ve created your write-ups all you have to accomplish right now is to submit your brand-new RSS Feed to RSS Directories.

That’s it.

Final Words

Now I understand I left you with a lot of information, so simply take it step by step because once you put it into action properly it’ll reward you for a long time to include backlinks to your site and you will get FREE targeted visitors from organic search results.


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