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32 Best SEO Copywriting Tips for More Organic Traffic

First you need to know what SEO is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the procedure of expanding the quantity and quality of website traffic and growing the visibility of a specific web page or website to various users of a web search engine, and one of the most effective elements of search engine optimization, is SEO Copywriting.

SEO aims for the improvement of organic results and does not include the purchase of paid placements. It may focus on numerous kinds of search namely industry-specific vertical search engines, video search, image search, news search, and academic search.

A lot of work is involved in optimizing a website. It may call for adding content; editing content, modifying HTML, plus the required coding that will serve to increase its importance to specific keywords as well as to get rid of obstacles to the indexing activities of search engines.

Concerning Internet marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization looks into several factors like, what people search for, how search engines work, the definite keywords or search terms typed into search engines, the computer programmed algorithms, which govern search engine behavior, and the particular search engines favored by their target audience.

SEO is carried out frequently because a website will definitely get many visitors from a search engine the higher the ranks of the website in the SERP (search engine results page). There is a high probability that the visitors will turn into potential customers.

Search engine optimization is different from the local search engine. SEO is focused on national or international searches while the local search engine optimization aims its attention at optimizing the online presence of a business so that search engines easily display their web pages in case a user enters a local search for products or services they offer.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the process of writing content that will rank high in Google. It requires the pairing of SEO and copywriting techniques to come up with content that will address search engines and visitors.

For the best SEO copywriting, always ensure that you first conduct sufficient research on the topic you are going to write about. Ask yourself what are the topics you want users to find. That will require the right keywords you want to rank for. Therefore, keyword research is of utmost importance! Eventually, after you have done your homework, you will be able to determine key phrases and keywords which you want to rank for.

In addition, for excellent SEO copywriting, look for a topic with decent organic search traffic potential; write the best piece of content on that topic then create linking triggers into the content.

SEO copywriting incorporates SEO and copywriting; a unique service in which many brands are not great at. Not everyone is good at SEO copywriting even if they have an accomplished team of in-house writers. This is because SEO is a detailed industry that requires investing in time and attention to learn and be equipped with the essentials. Not everyone knows it; for the people who claim to, they do not always know it very well. At this point, it is vital to seek help from a professional.

When done in the right way, the importance of SEO copywriting services for your brand is numerous. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Save your money: SEO copywriting services go a long way in saving your money especially when you are used to paying placements or paid advertising to attract customers. SEO copywriting focuses on the customers you want to address, and provides your content a way to rank organically instead of going for a “spray and pray” approach.
  • Boost your search rankings: an excellent SEO will contribute to making your content more visible as well as helping it receive more prominent spots in the search engine results page. Prominent spots in the SERPs are mandatory for them to claim most of the attention and clicks.
  • Help you remain competitive: in case you are not working on your SEO, but most of your customers are, you will be adversely affected since you will fall behind. Almost everyone in the business is doing it these days, and you cannot spare yourself from this movement.
  • Ensure you are on the Cutting Edge of Content: statistics indicate that searching engines are on the rise in claiming market shares. Therefore, giving prominence to them is a great idea. Your company will reap more benefits in sales when it is easier for customers to locate your contact, find your business and when they engage in purposeful interactions with your brand.

Why you need SEO copywriters

Effectively written web content will improve your conversations, bring in more customers, and raise your Google rankings too. With that in mind, here are some of the smart reasons for employing SEO Copywriting services:

They deliver great research that improves your content’s value

An exceptional SEO copywriter has sufficient knowledge on how to carry out extensive research and integrate it into an article. This is vital since links are backlinks have a lot of influence as ranking factors in the field of SEO. Being equipped with links to relevant, well-known third party sources in your entire content will help it earn better search rankings.

They provide more compelling calls to action

It is important to put in mind that SEO copywriters were initially copywriters meaning they have experience when it comes to creating an incredible Calls To Action (CTA). An excellent SEO copywriter can also include simple SEO tactics, like adding phrases and keywords in the linked CTA anchor text to help you rank your site and give out leads that are more qualified.

 Enhanced page focus

Learning to focus on a page can be quite challenging unless you have a broad understanding of SEO. The advantages with SEO copywriters is the capability to target, narrow, and position your available content so that it can be able to rank efficiently with your chosen keywords.

Better Keyword Research

In case you are aiming at short phrases and keywords and you are constantly disappointed by the results, SEO copywriting services will be very helpful. Keyword research is a primary factor in good SEO, but not everyone has the ability to deliver. It demands creative use of several tools and approaches, which an ordinary individual is not familiar with. In this regard, hiring SEO copywriting services will be beneficial since they take less time coming up with solid keyword research that will boost your rankings.

Natural keyword inclusion

After you have drafted the keywords and phrases, do not stuff them in your copy wherever they apply. Instead, include them naturally. Another specialty of SEO copywriters is evident in this situation because the smartly fuse keywords into your copy in a manner which readers will not identify them, but search engines will rank them

SEO-Friendly descriptions and Meta tags

You might have no idea about what the two words are: Meta tags and descriptions. If you do not, have no worries. This is another fine example of crucial yet important tools that only skilled copywriters know how to manage. Meta content is so vital that it cannot be ignored. Search engines that interpret and rank your site operate it. This task is very tough and specific to give out to just anyone.

Pages with the perfect length

Length is another factor that is often overlooked. However, pay attention to length because it is a contributing factor to the SEO value of your online content. Fortunately, SEO copywriters know the conditions that require the content to be short, when to lengthen the content the word count limits that should not be exceeded. Experienced SEOs are aware that web pages must be approximately 350 words, and blogs rank best when they are at least 1,500 words.

Simplified Writing

The best SEO copywriters know that simplicity stands out. Most companies lean towards over-complicated writing. On the contrary, a brilliant SEO copywriter will modify writing to make it accessible and convenient for all audiences, which, in turn, will raise your rankings.

Better landing pages

Have you ever thought of creating better landing pages or even creating landing pages in the first place? SEO copywriting services come in handy in this area. They are able to develop excellent landing pages because they understand the effective use of language, formatting, and what to include to motivate readers to click. Engaging an SEO writer can revamp your conversion rate and make it effortless for your pages to go off the charts.

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Skilled competitor analysis

SEO copywriters will help you with the analysis from your competitor’s pages. Following the analysis, you will be able to learn and fabricate practical strategies to outsmart them and top the ranks. This is a great advantage for anyone working in a packed industry or looking for smarter ways to maximize the availability of data surrounding them.

32 Best SEO copywriting tips

Create captivating headlines

Be creative and compose magnetic headlines that will make a superb first impression. A well-thought-out title will set a catchy tone for your content. Include some effective SEO into the writing and within a short time, your content will rank up.

Use numbers for more clicks

Include numbers in your headlines if you really want people to look at your articles. Why is that so? Studies have shown that most headlines with odd numbers get more clicks. It is all psychological; the human brain loves lists. Moreover, they promise something unique and indicate readability.

Include subheadings

An intriguing headline will attract more readers; the challenge is to make them continue reading. To make sure that is the case, use subheadings to make the articles schemable and guide your readers through the writing. Subheadings also describe your content to search engines.

Choose a suitable font

The appropriate font and font size will make your text easier to read and practically very interesting, increasing engagement. This is the reason why blog writers and copywriters give so much attention to emulating cosmetics. Notably, some fonts are more web safe than the rest.

Check your title case

Most bloggers who write their texts include headings and subheadings in title case. However, it may not go well with every blog or purpose. Instead of title case, sentence case may be more appropriate in some situations. If you choose to use either of the two, use it correctly and constantly.

Write more content

Longer content definitely ranks better in search. Studies show that posts with more than 1,500 words enable you to create authority and expertise by providing more values for readers.

Use bold and italics

The more appealing your text is, the more people will be interested in reading your text. Making specific words eye-catchy by using bold and italics will make key phrases and keywords stand out and certainly enhance readability. It is a good SEO content strategy that is widely put to use.

Use short paragraphs

Always shorten paragraphs. As stated earlier, longer articles and blog posts normally perform better than shorter ones. Nevertheless, longer paragraphs will not work the same. A long paragraph will make the reading boring and intimidate readers. Since that is not what you want, keep the paragraphs short preferably using 2 to 4 sentences.

Give the readers answers

on most occasions, people with questions will type them into Google. The Hummingbird was created because of this. If you manage to answer the questions thoughtfully and satisfactorily as a content writer, your copy ranks will engage and sell.

Use power words

Using power words that evoke emotion is another strategy that is commonly used by great copywriters during content creation. Making use of such words allows you to influence and connect with the reader. In most cases, power words compliment keywords very well.

Ignore keyword density

Nothing indicates that search engines prefer a specific density. Keyword density is just an SEO myth. This does not mean that you overlook strong keywords in your content. It is advisable not to over-optimize or stuff keywords in your text.

Use active voice

Using passive voice is singled out as unacceptable to most copywriters. It dilutes the message and makes your copy wordy. Active voice is preferable since it is crisp, direct, and energetic and it makes your writing more persuasive

Do not dock long tails

Ranking for phrases or keywords with extremely high search volumes is a tough choice especially when your website is new. Long-tail keywords are better alternatives. To drastically minimize your competition, refine your keywords, and boost traffic and conversions.

Consider Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Instead of putting more emphasis on keyword density, pay more attention to LSI. Using the correct grammatical variations, synonyms, keywords will increase your chances of ranking in the Search Engine Results Page and prevent unwanted redundancy in your text.

Make frequent updates

Always update your content on a regular basis. It is important for readers and search engines. Search engines will favor more recent and relevant posts because most users need the latest information. Your prospects and readers want content that is up-to-date and accurate.

Communicate in your reader’s language

Make it a goal to talk like your readers. For example, when writing blogs, it is better for you to use a conversational tone, with words and phrases that relate to the target audience. As you improve your readership, search engines will notice it as well.

Talk about trending topics

Since we are talking about the latest information, tackle hot new topics and industry news. This is an excellent and fast way of making your way to the top of the Search Engine Results Page. Almost everyone wants to be aware of the greatest and the latest. Another option is the curated content route- this step requires you to be cautious.

Add pictures for more clicks

Articles and blog posts with additional infographics, visuals, and photos get up to 94% more views. It will be a mistake if you do not include visuals. Visuals add more weight in terms of search engine optimization only if you optimize them correctly.

Include videos

It is worth looking into the addition of videos. Sometimes, videos may not work for everybody, besides some marketers think that videos do little to help SEO. However, they can be a great way to improve conversion rates, sales, and engagement.

Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are often overlooked because they take time to write. However, it would be pointless not to include attention-grabbing Meta descriptions if you want good SEO copywriting. They are necessary because they determine how much traffic a website or a web page will receive in a given search result

 Link out and link in

Key phrases and keywords provide more value for readers. They are supported by links from relevant resources and references. In addition, search engines will consider websites with outbound links as trusted blogs. As a result, they are more valuable. Internal linking is important too. it means, interlinking pages on your website. Why is it necessary? Like linking out, it will improve user experience and add value to your site. An internal link structure will have an impact on the movement of the site in search.

Strive to be unique

Content will be penalized in case there is any detection of plagiarism. People will never be interested in the regurgitated text. Aim for originality and uniqueness. Plagiarism checkers check for unintentional duplication. Use them to keep off from penalizing your content. We recommend research; it is not stealing.

Give credit

The internet is all about sharing information. However, it should be in a manner that is correct to avoid threatening letters from webmasters or their lawyers. If you are not watchful, it will also lead to search engine penalties. Always cite authors and blog writers in a correct manner.

Use SEO tools

There are quite a number of free search engine optimization resources and tools available on the internet to help copywriters with content marketing.

Use writing tools

SEO copywriting is easier thanks to several handy tools online that are free. They uncomplicated work; all you have to do is carry out a quick Google search.

Use MS Word

MS Word has a ‘Find’ feature to help you locate overused words. There is also a text to speech feature where you can read texts aloud and find spots to rectify such words.

Always Proofread

Even with exceptional content, one mistake will bring the grammar cops all over you. Errors greatly affect your validity. Word processors will not notice every mistake and people will slip up. Hire a freelance writer to do the proofreading for you or a reliable friend.

Have a swipe file

Almost every serious writer has a swipe file. A swipe file is a collection of SEO ideas, copywriting templates, references, tools, and keywords as well including anything that motivates you and assists you to be more constructive. It saves time and enables you to produce quality content.

Monitor metrics

Keep track of bounce rate, page views, likes, shares, and SEO. Closely monitoring all these gives you an indication of how well search engines and people receive your account. It will also give you the insight required to make refinements and make copies. Web analytic tools are very helpful with this step.

Buy blog posts

Not everyone is a good writer. Some good writers do not have the desire or interest. Copywriting service is relevant in this case. An excellent copywriting agency or a blogging service will handle the website copywriting and article writing for you.

Quote influencers in your niche

You will make your content more authoritative when you quote influencers in your industry. Another great requirement for SEO is linking out to relevant websites; it will ensure that your content goes viral. Try this by reaching out to influencers. You will discover that some of them share your post on their networks. That is how to attract attention and have more traffic.

Focus on an intriguing introduction

Start with a brief message to alert readers on what you are going to discuss about. It will save their time and they will be inclined to continue reading. It is a nice opportunity to incorporate keywords great rankings and link to other similar posts.

With these helpful tips, you should take this opportunity to apply them as soon as possible in your website content for your brand to record considerable growth with time. Whether you are working to create a high profile website with thousands of monthly visitors or you want your brand to rank up, all the above techniques are exactly what you require.

If you would like to know more about creating new content, contact us for the ultimate guide.

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