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Best SEO Content Strategy to Double & Triple Organic Visits in 7 Easy Steps

Nowadays, a highly effective SEO content strategy is exactly what most SEO experts are aiming for.

But how do we build it?

There has to be a formula for a highly effective SEO content strategy that could improve your website’s search engine optimization.

Below are the key factors we keep an eye on for any SEO content strategy:

  • Less complicated Topics
  • Articles Layering and Inner Linking
  • Content that people would share
  • Content Improvements

Having a powerful SEO content strategy will help you improve your website’s over-all search engine rankings.

Strategic content planning and execution usually includes the following tactics to ensure ranking high in search results and generating targeted organic traffic.

Specify Your Goals

What precisely are you seeking to achieve? Do you wish to boost sales opportunities? or do you want to generate subscribers to a newsletter?

This definitely will assist you to determine what sort of articles you need to produce and what your “call to action” needs to be.

Distinguish Your Main Target Audience and What Are Their Problems.

In this stage you will determine exactly who are you targeting with your SEO content strategy.

You need to know what are your audience’s problems and pain points and what content answers their questions and helps them to solve their problems.

You can do this by researching on forums and social media. 

Effective Strategies Start With Keyword Research.

Begin by inspecting the keywords and topics highly relevant to your business.

You should focus on three main factors:

  • Search volume
  • Competition and keyword difficulty
  • Traffic value

Your sweet spot is high search volume and value with low difficulty.

However, most of your critical key terms is not going to get inside this section.

Choose and Prioritize Low Difficulty Topics

The very first step in creating your SEO content strategy is to distinguish which subject areas your articles will cover.

Putting together impressive content just isn’t enough to accomplish your desired SEO results.

On the other hand, you can’t just produce articles for content’s sake and expect to have any results.

A huge number of blog posts are being published daily, which means you have to produce content that shines and gets rewarding links back to your website.

That’s where this strategic component is necessary.

Keyword research by itself will not make an effective SEO content strategy.

Instead, you need to define your brand’s main objective and competencies.

What precisely specific expertise associated with your industry is it possible to provide for your targeted audience?

That is your subject area that will direct your audience research, keyword research, and SEO article marketing. This points you better for ultimately forming content that converts readers into buyers or subscribers.

After you have your experience pinned down, you will have the ability to incorporate this expertise with the audience data to create all of the types of content subject areas.

Create Content

Finally, after you have all the parts in hand, here comes the fun part.

Collect the data and then research the topics you want to write about, and write an engaging content.

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Regularly Update and Optimize Existing Content

Apart from creating new content, our in-depth SEO content strategy also contains updating existing articles and web pages.

Most of content marketing plans concentrate on creating new content, an effective SEO content strategy should also take into account existing content and web pages.

Oftentimes it could be much easier and far better to revise existing articles rather than create something new.

In addition, an effective way to keep the existing web pages fresh is to include a “Last updated” label near the top of the web page.

Your SEO content strategy should mainly focus on the best way you can publish new engaging content to your audience.

However, don’t forget to allocate some work to enhancing existing pages as well.

Some changes and enhancements I recommend are:

  • Writing more searchable titles
  • Improving web page speed
  • Writing more in-depth information
  • Incorporating latest or unique data or researches

Ensure That You Evaluate Your SEO Content Strategy and Goals

If you realize that there is no progress just after few months, it is advisable to return to your content strategy and evaluate whether you’ve got your strategy built right.

If you want to nail your SEO content strategy, get the help of an SEO Expert.

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